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Condor Ave

Roman Candle
E              022100
E* (add9 sus4) 20220x
G*	       32040x
Cmaj7          x32000
C              x32010
D*             x5403x
Em             022000
Am             x02210
Asus4          x02230
Bm             x24432
F#             244322
Am7            x02213
D7/B           x20212


E            E*         G*
she took the oldsmobile out past condor avenue
    Cmaj7               C           D*    Em      r1  C
she locked the car and slipped past into rythmic quietude
       Am Asus4 Bm F#    Am7 D7/B C
lights burning,    voice dry and  hoarse


E  G  Am

E  G  Am

E  G  Am

E  D  C  /B  /C  /G /F# /F