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Georgia, Georgia

New Moon
tuned down a full step
it sounds closer to his if you play D without hitting the high e string
/A or /C means play that bass note on top of the chord before it... not to play that chord.

wierd chords:
F*  xx3335
Gm* xx5333

D  /A /C  D   /A /C  D

D                    /C   Bb                   C                 D
georgia, georgia its many many miles since ive seen your falling smile
/C Bb    C
close up personal
D        C         Bb       G          D    C
your arsenal of excuses you never told her
         Bb                G              D   
when you walked out on the savannah shoulder
/C        Bb                  C        D
with your veins all full of beer
                   /C       Bb              C
thinkin well at least now everything is clear
        D     /C#  C     /B Bb     /A  G
but oh man what a plan suicide
    D                            /C   Bb C         D
its just not that much different from my own affair
                    /C  Bb  C     F* 
all ends in cussing and crying
     Gm*       F*
how about if you
        Gm*         F*
tell me something new
                   Gm*         /F#   D
tell me what would make you happy
/A C  Em       Bb      C   D
oh you so deserve to be
/C         Bb           C        
there were protests and contests
    D                /C
and attitudes to cop
  Bb             C
i want it all to stop
D            C           Bb            G      D
three weeks ago you were all grace and charm
          C           Bb            G      D
and now i know it was just a false alarm
                /C     Bb              C           D
georgia georgia i cant understand your sickness
    /C   Bb    C        D
you have no forgiveness
     C               Bb    G           
no attention left to pay
    D             C              Bb              
the quiet way you leave and just forget it all
     G           D
just takes my breath away
     /C      Bb               C      D
hows that supposed to make me feel?
     /C   Bb                   C      D
yeah well how am i supposed to feel?

D     /C# C   /B Bb   /A G