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King's Crossing

From a Basement on the Hill
as played live June 9, 2003 at Northsix, Brooklyn, NY

standard D tuning capo 8 (sometimes played live as low as capo 5)

riff (played with pinky while playing either C or Em)

Em   022000  C/G 332010
G    320003  D   xx0232
Am   x02210  Em* 022003
C    x32010  C*  x32013
D/F# 2x0032

Em  C/G  G  D  Am /B /C

Em Em* Em  C riff G  D  Am /B /C

Em                          C/G   
the king's crossing was the main attraction
G           D            Am     /B /C
dominos are falling in a chain reaction
    Em               C/G
the scraping subject ruled by fear
        G             D           Am  /B /C
told me whiskey works better than beer
    Em                   Am          C/G
the judge is on vinyl, decisions are final
    G      D        Am    /B /C
and nobody gets a reprieve
    Em    Em*  Em C*
and every wave is tidal
                          G     D      G  /F#
if you hang around you're going to get wet
Em                        Am             C/G         G  D  Am /B /C
i can't prepare for death anymore than i already have
Em          Em* Em    C*
all you can do now is watch the shells
    G          D          G      C/G
the game looks easy thats why it sells
G                    D 
frustrated fireworks inside your head
          Em                C/G    
are gonna stand and deliver dark instead
    G                  D
the method acting that pays my bills
        Em                 C/G
keeps a fat man feeding in beverly hills
        G                      D
i got a heavy metal mouth that hurls obscenity
      Em                    C/G
and i get my check from the trash treasury
          G                   D   /F#
because i took my own insides out
Em                    Am      C/G
it don't matter cos i have no sex life
    G           D         Am        /B  /C
and all i wanna do now is inject my ex-wife
Em            Em* Em      C*               G  D  Am /B /C
i've seen the movie and i know what happens
     Em                    C/G  
it's christmastime and the needle's on the tree
  G          D             Am           /B /C
a skinny santa is bringing something to me
Em               Em* Em           C*
his voice is overwhelming but his speech is slurred
      G         D           G     C/G
and i only understand every other word
G                       D
open your parachute and grab your gun
/F#  Em                    C/G
flow down like an omen, my setting sun
G                 D
read the part and return at five
       Em                        C/G
it's a hell of a roll if you can keep it alive
            G                      D
but i don't care if i fuck up, i'm going on a date
/F#    Em               Am         C/G
with a rich white lady, ain't life great?
G                              D    /F#
give me one good reason not to do it

Em riff  C/G  G  D  Am  /B /C

Em  Em* Em C riff G  D  Am /B /C

Em                      C/G
this is the place where time reverses
G        D               Am     /B  /C
dead men talk to all the pretty nurses
Em          Em*   Em   C*
instruments shine on a silver tray
      G         D        G
don't let me be carried away
      G         D        G
don't let me be carried away
      G          D/F#     Am
don't let me get carried away