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Let's Turn the Record Over

always slide from C to D.  in that progression (when C is before D)
make sure to hammer on the D string with your middle finger on the
second fret from the open position in the middle of the C chord
before sliding up to D.  elliott does this almost every time, but
listen to the recording to see where he doesn't.

standard tuning EADGBE

E  022100  Eadd9  022102
C  x32010
D  x54030
G  320003

E  C  D  Eadd9 /F# C  D

Tomorrow, I'll feel fine;
     /F#   C                D
It's yesterday that took my breath away.
G              C
Flying off the handle,
        G                 C
Finally sweeping down the avenue.
G               C
God's up in His heaven,
And the devil's on Bonnie Brae.
/F#       C              D        E
But there seems to be no room for us.
So choose your poison -- 
It's up to you.
  C             D
I recommend you think about it
Eadd9 /F# C    D
Long and hard.
           G                           C
'Cause the woods can get thick; take a look inside --
G                    C
Dark and tangled and petrified.
        G                  C
And you wander through the endless night,
    E                           /F#
And never see the light of day.
C              D
Let's turn the record over.
E                    /F#
There lies a pleasant valley.
C                    D              E
Moonlight drives and gardens in the sun.
Your shadow stains behind me.
C             D           C
Graceful as a dancer in a ballet.

/B  C  D  

Eadd9  /F#  C  D

Eadd9  /F#  C  D

G  C  G  C  G  C

E  /F#  C  D

Eadd9  /F#  C  D  C  /B  C  D  E