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Oh Well, Okay

tune a full step down 
learn to play the first two verses and then the last verse
is exactly the same but played two frets down

C6     xx5555        Bb6    xx3333
Am6    xx4555        Gm6    xx2333
Fmaj7  xx3555        Ebmaj7 xx1333
Em     xx5453        Dm/F   xx3231
A      577655        G      355433
Dm     x57765        Cm     x35543
Dm/C   8x7565        Cm/Ab  6x5343
Bb     688766        Ab     466544
F*     x8ttt8 (t=10) C#     x46664
Eb     x68886        G7     353433
F      133211        F7     131211

C6         Am6              Fmaj7              C6    Em
here's the sillohuette, the face always turned away
C6           Am6           Fmaj7               C6    Em
the bleeding color gone to black, dying like a day
A               Dm                Dm/C Bb
couldn't figure out what made you so unhappy
           F*          Eb      Dm  
shook your head to say no, no, no 
    Dm/C       Bb        Dm7         G7
and stop for a spell and stayed that way
A7       Gm
oh well, okay
C6    Am6              Fmaj7           C6    Em
i got pictures, i just don't see it anymore
C6       Am6       Fmaj7                C6    Em
climbing hour upon hour through a total bore
A              Dm            Dm/C  Bb
with the one i keep where it never fades
       F*          Eb          Dm  
in the safety of a pitch black mind
   Dm/C    Bb        Dm         G
an airless cell that blocks the day
A7       Bb6   
oh well, okay

Gm6  Ebmaj7  Bb6  Dm/F  Gm6  Ebmaj7  Bb6  Dm/F

G            Cm           Cm/Bb    Ab
if you get a feeling next time you see me
        Eb        C#     Cm
do me a favor and let me know 
          Cm/Bb   Ab
cause its hard to tell
    Cm7     F7
its hard to say
G7       F7
oh well, okay
G7       F7
oh well, okay
G7       Fm
oh well, okay