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Stupidity Tries

Figure 8
standard tuning

E*   xxx997  E7*   xxx797
A*   x77655  Am*   x77555
C#m  x46654  E     022100
B    x24442  Eb    xx1343
A    x02220  C/G   332010
B/F# 221xxx  E7    022130
Am/C x32210  C*    x35553
C    x32010  G     320003
B7   x24242  C/B   x2x010
C#7  x46464  D7    x57575
E**  x76454  F#    244322
Am   x02210  Am/B  x2x210
D/A  554x3x  Ab/Eb 665x4x


(first two chords played as arpeggios)
E*        E7*
got a foot in the door
A*       Am* 
god knows what for
         C#m E           B  Eb
and he'll cut me down to size
          A  C/G  B/F#
stupidity tries
E          E7
everything here is free
A              Am/C
everything but you and me
     C#m  E          B   Eb
this painting never dries
          A  C/G  B  C* C#m
stupidity tries
          C       G        B7
savannah shoulder raised a cheer
C   C/B      G        B7   C#7  D7
coloring the sky with ash
C#m          E**        F#   Am Am/B
because they found some privateer
   C    C/B        G      B7    riff
to sail across the sea of trash
E        E7        
the enemy is within 
A            Am/C      
don't confuse me with him
    C#m  E    B    Eb  
the truth is otherwise
          A   C/G   D/A  Ab/Bb
stupidity tries


B  C  C#m

         C       G        B7 
and so i go from floor to floor
C       C/B   G       B7   C#7  D7
looking for a port of call
C#m     E**        F#   Am Am/B
another drunk conquistador
C    C/B       G          B7    riff
conquering the governor's ball
E                E7
i couldn't think of a thing
A           Am/C
that i hope tomorrow brings
C#m  E    B   Eb
oh what a surprise
          A   C/G  B/F#  E
stupidity tries

(repeat several times and end on E)